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Why Video is the next Thing You Should Do

Why Video is the next Thing You Should Do

5 August 2015
Author: Vesta Zemaite

Have a look at your top 5 fashion brands (or your competitors!) - I bet at least 90% will be using video or would have marked video production as a priority for AW16. Why? Simple. These brands have recognised their current and future customers spend time online watching… videos! YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. In USA alone, adults spend 5.5 hours with video content every day. The number of hours people are watching content on YouTube each month is up 50% year on year. Facebook videos are booming as well – now at 4 billion views per day.

Here are 5 more reasons why video should be set as a priority in your project timeline!

1. Video boosts traffic and the reputation of your brand. If your video thumbnail appears in search results, people are much more likely to view it, as compared to a text-based search result. According to search engine analytics, traffic increases by 157% when video content is included. It has been found that video increases brand association by up to 139%, meaning consumers will remember and recognise your brand more if they see a video.

2. Video helps you to tell your story so much more effectively! Consumers do care about your story and respond much more positively.

3. Video is an incredible tool to motivate, inform and entertain your viewers. Visitors to a website spend 88% more time on a page with video content, and consumers are 85% more likely to buy into your brand after watching a product video.

4. Emails including ‘video’ in a subject line are much more likely to be opened. Tell your customers about the videos you make.

E. Finally, ENGAGE with your customers! Video is way more interactive than the written word.  Users feel more actively involved with the content - you deepen your connection with your customer through video. Build trust, loyalty and increase your sales! We have had so much positive response from agents regarding brands that have video as part of their message. High-quality, engaging videos get watched in their entirety. See our chosen top videos: Melinda Maria, Emma Lomax.

I hope you will consider setting aside some budget next season for video.

Coming soon: “Things to consider prior making your brand video”. 

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