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Why Brand Building is Back

Why Brand Building is Back

10 September 2021
Author: Jasmine Waters

For many, the main priority of the last eighteen months has been to generate the largest quantity of sales possible. Brands often took any means possible to entice customers to keep calm and carry on buying—from social media engagement to more traditional marketing tools. The story behind the brand often became forgotten, narratives thrown to the wayside in the desperate bid to survive. As both life and retail head down the path to ‘normal’, why is it so important for brand building to be a priority once again?

Why did brand building disappear?

Regardless of great brand engagement and fantastic performance metrics, neither have guaranteed any long-term value from a consumer. Online sales that targeted existing customers through the pandemic—most likely social media posts, email chasers and newsletters—no longer function without brands establishing their ongoing ideas at the same time. Now the pressure is off, more brands are beginning to return to telling their audience exactly what they’re all about. Purpose-led marketing is now required to hold consumer attention, as one-channel marketing continues to lose its effect.

What should be prioritised?

So, how should brand marketing look now? Above all else, brand building and driving sales should no longer be viewed as separately exclusive, but instead bridge the gap between them. No one marketing channel can operate independently now, as the success of one often feeds into another. Traditional metrics can be combined with new determining factors, such as judging the social sentiment of a brand’s particular advertisement. This is most likely to be seen on a brand’s home page, acting as the main tool to test potential digital re-directions and gather all-important data. There’s a certain level of experimentation brands must be willingly open to, even if that means deflecting back to traditional marketing strategies like television.

A brand’s value is now rooted in the balance between its consumer and culture. Ensuring brand building stems from these different social nuances is essential, creating deeper value in connection as well as driving conversions to sales.

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