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Who's Next Announce Extraordinary Safety Measures in September

Who's Next Announce Extraordinary Safety Measures in September

6 July 2020
Author: Jasmine Waters

At the end of June 2020, trade show giant Who’s Next unveiled their revised plans for their forthcoming exhibition between 4th-7th September 2020, including:

* Mask wearing is obligatory for all staff, exhibitors and visitors

* Hydroalcoholic gel provided

* No paper support during the event (including badge printing). e-badges encouraged

* Secure locker rooms available

* Controlled queue flows with social distancing adhered to. One-way flows of traffic around the event with regular sanitising checkpoints

* Immediate isolation of suspected cases

* Increased cleaning procedures including a daily deep cleanse

* Equipped areas to ensure maximum hygiene and safety

* Special communications and reminders of the safety guidelines

* Take-away catering in the form of an outdoor food court with strict safety measures 

Many of the changes above keep to the measures we are beginning to see introduced into the new physical retail experience. It could be argued that some of these, such as the daily deep cleanse, are plans that should always have been in place regardless of the pandemic, whereas others (paperless support) could be seen to be an acceleration of change that was already set in motion. Whether this will be enough to ensure safety for all in attendance will remain to be seen, but such clear and assured communication is certainly a strong start.

Image source: https://www.ntradeshows.com/s-next-0/

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Who's Next Announce Extraordinary Safety Measures in September