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31 January 2017
Author: Lucia Stansbie

Holding four tradeshows a year during fashion weeks, I recently returned to my home city of Milan for the favorable WHITE Milano tradeshow, alongside 10,000 visitors.


As previously mentioned, the tradeshow is held four times a year, in January and June for the menswear and women’s precollections, and then again in February and September for womenswear and lifestyle alone. This year with an 18% international buyer increase, the event was definitely a strong contender for other European tradeshows of the season.


All tradeshows have a different ‘vibe’ and with that said, WHITE Milano is a lot more urban and contemporary in comparison to its opponents. Some would go so far as to describe the tradeshow as ‘gender fluid’ as it allows designers to showcase both men’s and womenswear simultaneously, and offers a very interesting display of differing brands. The most recent installment differed a great deal from the last as it was renamed ‘WHITE MAN + WOMAN’, and heavily featured more womenswear collections in the edition. The event saw 270 brands and 197 womenswear collections in total, only 63 of which were put in the women only area.

The beauty and perfume sections in particular received a great deal of attention – they frequently have the best exhibitor’s selection ever, which I’ve always admired. Originally introducing the trend of ‘beauty’ sections into tradeshows and providing a nice space for brands to exhibit, WHITE Milano have completely nailed creating more of an ‘experience’ surrounding the tradeshow. It becomes somewhere you really want to spend your time.


There were quite a few interesting insights at the tradeshow that we stumbled across.

In addition, WHITE started a collaboration with two prestigious showrooms, Six London and Lighthouse Showroom, selling a variety of brands under their umbrella in a beautifully dedicated area.


Overall, for me, the most captivating part of this edition was the collaboration between REVOLVER - Copenhagen’s contemporary fashion tradeshow - and WHITE Milano. The idea behind the collaboration was for REVOLVER to bring WHITE, a selection of brands from Scandinavia, building a bridge between Milan and Copenhagen, and bringing with it any potential buyers that may have interest, and I feel it worked brilliantly.


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