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When Fashion Meets Our Favourite TV Show

March 1, 2022
Author: Jasmine Waters

The most talked about TV show across social media, HBO’s Euphoria is known for its incredible takes on character fashion. For many years, TV has had an intertwined relationship with the fashion industry—from Dynasty to Sex In The City. Generating 30 milllion tweets in the past two months alone, how has the world of Euphoria seeped into the real-life fashion industry?

What makes Euphoria stand out?

After its first season aired in mid 2019, the show became known for its loud and proud looks, from vintage streetwear to 90s dreamlike experimentation. As a result of its effects, Euphoria has helped to launch small, independent brands into the eye of the public. Perhaps it’s due to Euphoria’s lack of direct focus on fashion (as opposed to other hit series like Emily In Paris) that makes its looks so sought after, its styling featuring both unknown brands and big luxury players such as Prada.

Outside of the show being on air, the cast have frequently landed major collaborations and campaigns. The rapt attention has led to the likes of Zendaya receiving brand ambassadorship or being promoted as fashion week fixtures. There’s an undeniable ‘Euphoria’ effect in full cultural force. The stars are in high demand, with its costume designers (including Heidi Bivens) tipped for huge international acclaim. It’s level of detail ultimately make the relationship between fashion and TV all the more compelling, instead of showcasing fashion for fashion’s sake. This level of consciousness mirrors the consumer needs many brands are trying to achieve.

At the help of its consumer demographic is the ever-changing Gen Z, who have arguably single-handedly changed the shape of fashion for good. Now comes the time for the show—and its cast—to be picky about which brand partnerships they choose, looking to align with high profile companies. Whatever comes next, it’s safe to say fashion is only at the beginning of their Euphoria fix, with a new season being recently commissioned.

Image source: https://unsplash.com/@sharonmccutcheon


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