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What trends will the lifestyle industry adopt?

What trends will the lifestyle industry adopt?

7 March 2019
Author: Jasmine Waters

2019: The Lifestyle Highlights

At The Anton Dell Consultancy, we no longer only cater to fashion brands and agents, but have expanded our horizons to gifts, homeware and other elements of ‘lifestyle’. The industry itself is seeing massive growth and consumer resonance, with research conducted by the Whirlpool Corporation suggesting that more people are seeking out products that are efficient and contribute to ‘making lives easier’. With this in mind, now we have explored what 2019 fashion might have in store – what can be said about lifestyle?

A key change in the shift in attitudes in lifestyle trends has to do with re-inventing ‘purposeful space’. While many of us are now giving our livelihoods the Marie Kondo treatment, our habits no longer replicate the need to constantly buy like we did in the 1980s. As we find what is now really important to us and what ‘sparks joy’, this reflects what we are seeing in design and interior trends, with increasing small-space living now informing product designs and structures. Environments are made to feel more calming, with the introduction of natural elements continuing to be seen, such as our consumer plant ‘obsession’, growing focus on sustainability and natural wellness. With the number of brands making vegan and naturally derived products now up by 16% (according to Grand View Research), it’s no surprise to see the success in taking the root of consumer interests back to the self.

What are other trends highlights of 2019?

As we have already seen over the last few years, tech augmentations will also continue to have major influence in product design, in the on-going aim to boost the everyday life experience.  This links into our awareness in creating multi-sensory elements, with close inspiration crossover from the gaming industry when trying to harness greater sensitivity in design. However, there are many completely new trends introducing themselves in 2019, such as rising consumer confidence in embracing bold colour in their lifestyle products (particularly technology), and creative collaborations focusing on driving limited-edition releases.

From an aesthetic perspective, statement ‘pattern-play’ will be maximised, while matte black accents will be seen in most aspects of home décor. Tactility will become central to designs for the premium market, with resin, glass and (increasingly bio-degradable) plastics helping to create a glow with a luminous shine. Most noticeably, if 2019 could be defined in a single material; it would be Terrazzo – with new designs and an expansion of colourways emerging. Making sure these trends stretch across multiple product categories and market levels this year is essential in embodying what the 2019 market has become, and more importantly, what it can offer.

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What trends will the lifestyle industry adopt?