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What Should Store Openings Look Like In 2022?

May 25, 2022
Author: Jasmine Waters

In the initial fallout of COVID-19, many brands were convinced that a successful return to physical stores would not be possible. Two years on and the industry is proving to be the contrary — with store openings in the UK rising by an average of 30.6% over this time last year. While overall footfall hasn’t yet returned to its 2019 levels, the rise in record physical sales cannot go unnoticed. How have brands been launching themselves back into brick-and-mortar, and what strategies have been successful?

Undoubtedly, the stake are now higher than ever. Thanks to the ease of shopping that retailers adapted to digitally, consumers now expect more from their experience. There now needs to be an increased flexibility combined with classic in-store advice, with the addition of brands needing to provide something novel to entice potential customers. Some brands have chosen to take a more conceptual approach, finding an art show style that appeals to the upcoming generation of Tik Tok-ers. Others are choosing to invest in infusing the best of online and offline worlds.

In some cases, shoppers can begin their journey by chatting to a salesperson online from a team of well-trained experts, who are able to give personalised recommendations there and then. From there, the consumer can make an appointment to visit in-store, greeted in luxury and presented with a selection of products tailored to them. When a personalised service isn’t available, why not cater to everyone instead? Brands are doubling up their physical retail spaces for multi-purposes events, bringing an entirely new community feel into an existing business. Stepping outside the existing pool of consumers, different worlds can mix and mingle while staying tied to the brand itself.

Regardless of which strategy is employed, there’s a general consensus that using unusual interior design to win people over will ensure success. Clothing a space in different designs and materials is a great way to spark temporary reinvention that leads back to increased sales profit.

Image source: https://nscommercial.com/4-features-your-retail-store-will-need-to-be-successful-in-2021/


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