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What agents around the world are saying about selling this season

October 5, 2020
Author: Anton Dell Team

For being a company that helps brands find agents and distributors in the main trade countries in the world, this gives us a unique chance to speak with both sides of the coin, agents on the expectations and fears coming into a selling season that was most unique, and brands, on stockpiling inventory by necessity, finding new ways of selling, at the same time as understanding that retailers could be more conservative on their order writing this season.

We would like to share with you now some of the feedback we heard from agents, that might shed some light on the current mood, that is not so “doom and gloom” as we might be seeing.

“So swamped with work but pleasantly surprised”

Showroom in New York, USA

“We have been proactive setting up in hotel meeting rooms in strategic locations that can draw retailers from an hour to two hours away. All in all you never make up the business of not having major trade shows”.

Agent in USA

"Sales are pretty good selling causal wear, but sales are pretty poor if selling occasion wear"

Agent in UK

“Whilst uncertainty is still the main issue, loyalty and optimism is helping us and our customers get through it.”

Agent in Ireland

“A crisis in itself is painful. But even in 2020 we have learned anew which partners treat relationships with respect, who meets us openly and honestly, who remains constructive in judgment and participation. And the special thing about this crisis certainly was the catalyst function for digitalisation.

We have learned a lot, put many things to the test and will emerge from the crisis stronger as before. All in all a positive conclusion!”

Agent in Germany

“The agents, brands and retailers in the USA that are moving forward in real time and changing with their costumers needs are able to capitalize on opportunities and those that are not are sadly being left behind.”

Agent in USA

“The selling season was tough but not as tough as we thought it would be so we are happy!!!”

Agent in The Netherlands

“Spring 2021 is a tough season with much fear from customer side. We are preparing now the sale of the second collections – but the government restrictions become more again and the little growing of the last weeks stopped immediately. All in all the results are very volatile but accounted at the end.”

Agent in Austria

“For the SS21 market buy, retailers were very conservative, cautious due to the anormal high level of inventory. Casual sales better, less suiting, less occasion wears. So, the consequences, the domino effect, will be felt for at least till end of 2021. I am told that menswear is hit harder.”

Distributor in Canada

"I didn’t expect anything this season and everything was different. I love my work very much and I believe in a new era and I am motivated for the next seasons."

Agent in Austria

“Working cautiously and flexibly and see that retailers want to balance tried and tested with offering something new and different”

Agent in UK

“Believe it or not, I'm having a great selling season for S/S21. Providing no one cancels the pre-orders, I'm doing better in $$$ than I've ever had. Swim & resort is selling extremely well for me.”

Showroom in Los Angeles, USA

"I am actually quite happy about the results"

Agent for Benelux

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