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How to Manage a Business in Turbulent Times?

How to Manage a Business in Turbulent Times?

6 April 2020
Author: Thierry Bayle & Anton Dell

In turbulent times, there will be winners and losers. Do you agree? In which group do you want to be?

You are an entrepreneur. You have set up your business or planning to do so. You want to show the world that you are resourceful, resilient and super business creative.

So let's get our dose of Energy, Positivism and Insightful Business top tips thanks to a webinar organised by Thierry Bayle (Founder of Global Fashion Management and the London Fashion Business Academy) and our CEO, Anton Dell.

TOPIC - How to manage a business in turbulent times? - For Brands and Agents 

You will most appreciate the quality of the questions that came in. A lot of good ones:

• "Ekaterini Thank you both! We look forward for the new Webinar!"

• "Phyllis With great appreciation for your professional insights."

• "Mia Thank You, my first webinar, but not the last!"

• "Sarah Great webinar, thanks to you both"

• "Robin Thank you! This was very helpful and inspiring."

• "Yvonne Thank you! Good luck for all of us and you! Thierry - so much positive energy - we share the same ideas!"

• "Frank Thanks Anton and Thierry very interesting ideas and also some good inspiration stay safe everybody and good luck in the future."

WATCH THE WEBINAR HERE! Please note: there is a 30 second delay at the beginning of the video.

Do you want to share and like? Please do it today as we all need help in these difficult times. 

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