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Introducing an Exclusive New Service Package in Partnership with Logfret - PLS

Introducing an Exclusive New Service Package in Partnership with Logfret - PLS

12 April 2016

Manufacturers have to overcome various logistical hurdles when exporting goods. Many brands prefer to work directly with distributors, rather than going through an agent.  Distributors have the advantage of handling the importation and distribution of goods in the export country and so brands feel more confident about getting paid.


The two logistical stages that can prove problematic:

Delivery Logistics

Ensuring deliveries are sent out on time and to the right place

Picking and packing goods in the warehouse

Logging dispatched items onto the system correctly


Financial Logistics

Receiving payment from retailers

Payment services, including credit checking and factoring invoices

Paying import duties and customs clearance

Paying VAT on imports to other countries


How do we overcome this?

As agents far outnumber distributors, it can be difficult to come across the latter. Distributors are also likely to demand a 50% discount on wholesale prices, which is a substantial additional cost for brands to absorb.  It has been hard work trying to eliminate this problem of exporting, but we have now found a solution.

With the help of our new financial and delivery logistics partner Logfret - PLS, we have reinvented the way brands liaise with agents. Founded in 1972, Logfret is an international freight forwarding company with 190 offices and agencies located in over 65 countries. They partner with Payment Logistics Services (PLS), a company able to carry out all international credit management operations on behalf of a brand. Logfret is a global leader in delivery and financial logistics management services.

In collaboration with Logfret - PLS, we have developed a cost-effective package designed for small and medium sized fashion companies. This includes no minimum turnover requirement.  Money collection, import duties and delivery issues will all be taken care of too.


This special service is on offer exclusively to our clients. Please contact us for more information.


Plus a quick reminder…

April is the best time of year to start searching for agents. Don’t put it off until the new season approaches, as agents will be busy selling and unable to consider new offers.

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