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TRANOÏ: Between Us

TRANOÏ: Between Us

14 October 2016
Author: Vesta Zemaite

The TRANOÏ group of trade shows is Paris-born (in 1988) and Italian-named.  Meaning ‘between us’ in the Romance language, the name TRANOÏ contains the intimate, visionary spirit of the show.  Presenting only the most provocative designers – among them the ingenious and the established – to the most intelligent and intuitive of buyers, TRANOÏ organizes a total of six trade shows across the fashion capitals of Paris and New York.  TRANOÏ Homme, Femme, Femme’s Pre-collections, and Parfums take place in Paris, whilst New York has its own editions of Women’s and Parfums.

The womenswear show in Paris is the crown jewel of TRANOÏ; this year, it took place from 30 September – 3 October and showcased over 650 carefully selected exhibitors, presented beautifully.  This edition was the first to include lifestyle, a category that has been appearing consistently at trade shows across Europe.  Housed at the new location of the Cité de la Mode et du Design overlooking the Seine, the offerings included high-tech gadgets, lifestyle articles, and furniture among other things and extended the TRANOÏ standard into the home, effectively providing an elegant setting for the clothes and accessories shown in the rest of the fair.

The fresh venue joins two other prestigious sites – Palais de la Bourse, a historical building formerly housing the Parisian stock exchange – and Carrousel du Louvre, below the great Louvre museum – in housing TRANOÏ Femme.

Another notable feature of the show this year was the highlighting of a new wave of Southern Korean designers, with almost 30 represented in total across the three locations.  This meant that the number of Southern Korean brands was almost double the designers shown at the preceding fair, and confirms the invigorating creativity we have observed coming out of this country. American and European design and retail trends often emerge first in this part of the world, which acted as a harbinger for the concept store ambience that is now mainstream.

Further proof of the TRANOÏ commitment to quality and innovation, the recruitment of Korean designers brings new energy and vitality to the undeniable cachet of this group of trade shows.

Personally, I am also quite delighted about the widening emphasis on Korean designers; there is a certain fringed handbag in the creamiest leather and the gentlest, most delicate duck-egg blue that has been filling my dreams nightly since I first encountered it on the stand of a Korean brand at TRANOÏ Femme last year.  Despite my finding reasons to detour to the stand five times a day to try and persuade the brand to let me take a battered sample off their hands, I did not meet with success; but with time to build up persuasive skills, not to mention my bank account, I just may do better at the next edition of TRANOÏ Femme.

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