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Trade Show Case Study: Revolver

Trade Show Case Study: Revolver

2 October 2019
Author: Jasmine Waters

The decline in trade show success is a topic our blog, and many other fashion media outlets, are no stranger to. As many have suggested, radical change is something that needs to be overhauled throughout almost every show in the calendar to win back failing attendance and enthusiasm, and some changes are beginning to emerge. We’re looking at the 2019 evolution of Revolver, who have announced that from January 2020, they will be expanding to a second venue.

What has 2019 held for Revolver?

Like many of their competitors, Revolver got off to a slightly shaky start in early 2019, with Copenhagen itself noticeably being affected by the shrinking of the traditional ‘multibrand’ channels, and significant changes to local retail. With approximately 300 exhibitors, Revolver set out to target international audiences in order to thrive, seeking out the same strategy as the city’s ‘older sister’ show, CIFF. Singling out the Italian market, they initially unveiled their plans to target a wider community within the Pitti show at the start of the year, being cited as a “pleasant surprise of an attendance that wasn’t from Scandinavia alone,” by French brand Hartford. By adopting this new mind-set, overall visitors increased by 0.18% - a small percentage, but nonetheless a step in a positive direction.

What will take them into 2020?

Fast-forward to the new season, and Revolver seems to have even larger plans in store. In a possibly unexpected push, the show has announced plans to expand to a second venue by early 2020. Organisers have stated that their primary concern is promoting Scandinavian brands, a juxtaposition to their earlier concern of not having enough international interest. This focus on what they do best could mainly be fuelled by the newly found successful rise in Scandi fashion. With the fact that many consumers wanting an ‘easier life’ now extending to their wardrobes, the Scandi take on modern minimalism now is providing the perfect antidote. Revolver has also cited these brands being a key contributor to driving the majority of their traffic, capitalising on the ever-increasing international focus on all aspects of Scandi life. This in turn has led to Revolver securing a six-year lease, contrary to the uncertain nature of facilitating others areas of the fashion industry, such as retail. Revolver is proving that both the trade show itself can be re-invented to offer wanted experiences, and that despite near-constant levels of doubt, we collectively are at an exciting time in developing the relationship between consumer, brand and organiser – a time of valuable change an innovation.

Image source: https://revolver.dk/

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