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There’s No Business Like Clothes Business

There’s No Business Like Clothes Business

26 April 2018
Author: Jasmine Waters

So you’ve made the jump into the world of fashion and frocks – you’ve got the gear and all the ideas, and you’re ready to set the world alight with what you have to offer.

But how do you make sure your fashion business is simply the best, and better than all the rest?

Firstly, there need to be answers to your “V.I.P” questions. What makes your product special? Who is your competition? How will your product be sold? As a brand or business, you need to find your reason to exist. Knowing as much as you can in advance will make sure you can meet deadlines and lead times, as well as keeping to strategies you’ve put in place. When it comes to cash, there’s no step-by-step advice for how much you might need, but do expect the unexpected. Make sure you keep enough pennies in the piggy bank to help you meet every challenge and opportunity that comes your way!

In the bigger picture, the fashion industry currently contributes over £32 billion to the UK’s economy per year. To really make your mark, you’ll need to be able to hold your own against the sizable competition, and have a great understanding of your brand ideas and where you sit within the market. Your business will act as your golden ticket to the chocolate factory, helping you to develop and measure your progress, visions and objectives.

We live in a world where branding is everything – making the face of your business unique is more important now than ever before. Developing an emotional connection and strong identity are paramount, along with understanding your customers’ lifestyle and buying habits. Last, but certainly not least, make customer service your biggest priority and network your heart out! Your reputation will be your ultimate dealmaker, or breaker.

As you set up your new fashion empire, bear this advice in mind to become the next best in your field!


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There’s No Business Like Clothes Business