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The Winner of the Anton Dell Export Competition in Collaboration With Extenda – CQ JOYAS

The Winner of the Anton Dell Export Competition in Collaboration With Extenda – CQ JOYAS

4 March 2015
Author: Vesta Zemaite

At the end of last year, Extenda - the trade promotion agency of Andalusia – teamed up with our consultancy to offer an exclusive series of workshops to Andalucían fashion brands with the goal of helping them export successfully and build their brands nationally and internationally. Anton Dell, the founder and CEO, and Vesta Zemaite, the director of marketing at the consultancy, were asked to deliver a series of workshops that would guide, advise and provide enough confidence for local brands to grow.

After weeks of arduous research and countless –unsuccessful- tries to properly pronounce “Andalucía”, we were ready to travel to Spain and get the export marketing workshops going.

The challenge was to choose eight brands and work with them closely, on a one to one basis, to guide and advise them on export and marketing matters. At the end of the workshops we were going to choose one brand, which would win an agent search in one country, sponsored by Extenda and the Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy. Our criteria were clear – we were looking for an exclusive commercial product, an interesting, unique brand, and a company that was ready to export, but also one that would greatly benefit from our services.

During a three-month period, we worked with a variety of very interesting  brands including small start-ups and established multinational companies; from children swear to eveningwear, menswear, and womenswear… but it was one of the accessory brands that was special.  We thought it had a very interesting and commercial product with a scalable business model in place.

When it comes to any fashion brand, it is often an engaging story, an unique point of difference, and gobsmacking photography that makes you stop in your tracks. In the case of CQ Joyas, the product is outstanding – the craftsmanship is innovative. We strongly believe that a brooch should mean something rather than just look pretty when pinned on a coat. And this is what Cristina Queipo de Llano Temboury, a filologist who found a new passion in designing personalised jewellery, brought to the table. Her designs are unique and wonderfully handcrafted, and each one of them has a story: the design for the “Goyesca” brooch, for example, came to her one day when she was smitten by one of Goya’s paintings at the Carmen Thyssen museum in Málaga. Cristina is also business savvy and has impressed us with her ability to pick up complex business terms and procedures despite her lack of exporting experience. Her development during the three months of workshops was remarkable. She stood out from the rest not only because of her unique, hand-crafted product, but also for her business minded approach to the tasks that were given during the workshop.


CQ Joyas will now be featured on our Brands for Agents site and we are looking for agents in Spain for the next season…we wish her all the best! You can check out her profile here.

Regarding the other brands that have participated in the workshops, we must say that we are proud and honoured to have worked with such wonderful brands. We saw a lot of potential in each one of them and together with all the Extenda staff, who handpicked the companies for their unique capabilities; we believe you are going to succeed in all your endeavours.

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