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The Latest Word on Marketing

The Latest Word on Marketing

16 October 2017
Author: Anton Dell

Marketing connects products to people.  Today, the role of marketing has really changed. Instant tools can give valuable insight about the way that people buy goods.  This means that marketers can influence the design and purpose of goods now.  This is great news, because people today have much higher expectations about the things that they buy.

 150 marketers across North America surveyed by clearstrategy.com said they were not sure about their own ability to change their way of doing things.  75% felt that marketing was not important to the company.  87% are not very satisfied about their ability to deal with change – which 66% expect more of.


Small and Close to the Ground

 Even more for small companies, it is good to stay close to the consumer. You should know how your product and brand fits into their lives.  This is exactly what good marketing strategies can bring to a company. Marketing can tell you things about who buys your products and why; this knowledge will help you to evolve successfully.  Once your product is not new any more, you must figure out how to continue to increase sales.  Marketing can also help make you more comfortable with new technologies and ways of getting your message across. 

 Small companies can also suffer more from competition with other brands and other campaigns.  Many things can affect sales – everything from laws to changing levels of natural resources.

 Marketing will help you deal with all these things in the best way possible. Unlike in the past, marketing can now include the IT department, corporate planners, and finance. In today’s world, different departments must work together to understand the consumer as well as possible – and as quickly as possible.


The Cloud Makes All Clear

 Bright ideas in marketing can come from anywhere. We will look at the example of one of the most successful ad campaigns of all time, Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty. The campaign, which used real women instead of models or actresses, was inspired by a global survey in 2004 which found that only 23% of women felt they had influence over what beauty means in our society. 

 This campaign happened before social media was as big as it is today, and before cloud computing allowed people at the bottom of a company to make themselves heard – and change things.  Cloud computing also allows companies to come up with marketing campaigns in a very short time and more cheaply. 

 In other words, the 87% of marketers across North America who are not very satisfied with their ability to deal with change have the tools right at their fingertips – and they’re cheap. 


Rules of the New Road

 There are a few important things that can help all companies keep their messages clear.  The central purpose of the company must be obvious to all employees.   This is important because it allows marketing messages to be real.  It also gives the company energy to come up with new ideas.  All of these work together to make a company and its employees survivors.  This has never been more essential in business than it is today.  Companies, marketers, and individuals are realising that it is smart to build a solid base and then create messages, instead of creating messages without paying any attention to the company itself.

 Jorgen Vip Knudstorp, CEO of Lego, said about LEGO, “….the more we're true to ourselves, the better we are.” Knudstorp knows what he is talking about.  He turned around a global company that was near bankruptcy and made it profitable again.

 No matter if you’re a one-person start-up or a household name, there are questions that you can ask yourself and others in your company.  What do your products do in consumers’ lives?  How does your product connect with your consumers’ lifestyles?  If you have employees, are they valued?  How is the purpose of your brand spread in the world?

 The answers to these questions could help you to develop the right marketing strategy for your company today – one that brings together social media, data, your employees, your product, and your consumers. 

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