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The Industry’s Growing Appetite for Quick Delivery

June 8, 2016
Author: Anton Dell

Increasingly erratic weather means that the transition between seasons is ever less predictable. Climate change has led many stores and online portals to reconsider their buying patterns.

Coming up with new styles during the selling seasons and offering them to retailers with the promise of speedy delivery is a growing trend.

More and more buyers are reducing their forward orders and keeping some of their budget back, with a view to purchasing new stock during the selling season. Orders made during the selling seasons are able to reflect changes in climate - both meteorological and economic - and can therefore more sensitively meet the needs of consumers.

These changes demand that manufacturers become more flexible and able to initiate production at short notice. Agents and sales people also need to be ready to let clients know that quick delivery is an option.

Naturally, manufacturers are wary of quick delivery, as increasing the number of collections dropped per year requires strategic change to production cycles. Greater investment in production and redrafting business models are often the steps required when adapting from working with forward orders to quick delivery.

The growing tendency towards quick delivery means that the brands most able to speedily turn around collections that respond to consumer buying patterns will come out on top.


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