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The Gamification of Modern Fashion

July 7, 2021
Author: Jasmine Waters

Like most things in life, the public are one step ahead with knowing what they want. As in many other industries, it’s up to fashion and homeware brands to solve a new piece of a puzzle that continues to evolve. Brand loyalty schemes have always been a tactic that a business can rely on, but now it may not be enough on its own to ensure current consumer loyalty. What are brands doing differently to keep their customer base hooked?

What is gamification?

Regardless of brand size or purpose, consumers are actively looking to be rewarded for the amount of time they invest into a brand. Gone are the days of being rewarded solely for spending – time is now the key currency of ensuring consumers to buy. Brands can reward for account logins, watching targeted videos, product live streams or uploading detailed reviews. If a hypothetical customer is earning 1000s of points a day just by being active, it quickly adds up to serious money (especially if a low number of points equals a substantial price value). This is the basic workings of the runaway tech trend of ‘gamification’. The game of rewards becomes an easy one – if a consumer is willing to put the time in. The technique is well rooted and perfected in the tech sphere, and can sometimes be seen as controversial if it strays into misleading territory.

How can this brand strategy succeed?

As the modern consumer has evolved, we’re well versed with the idea that holding their attention is everything. Brands that can do it well have the most power. The challenge for the last few years has primarily been coming up with new, fresh, and effective ways to achieve this. Attention span is short and needs to be capitalised on. There’s a renewed need for instant gratification from the generation that grew up with everything on demand, particularly after the pandemic. Now, the game of brand loyalty must be a continuous journey, creating an experience of treasuring hunting to guarantee staying power. Even if shoppers don’t make it through the online checkout, this technique has proven to be lucrative in other ways. Users browsing patterns and click-through rates can translate into priceless data to make a brand more efficient and personalised.

With such a high return rate and more brands looking to muscle in on the action, it could quickly become a race to the bottom. Those that succeed will be creating a points-based experience that arguably becomes more exciting than the purchase itself, making a consumer feel as if they are part of something bigger. Whether it’s through Youtube videos or app clicks, finding what makes your consumer tick is the key to pioneering the shopping rush they’re after.

Image source: https://www.eastwestbank.com/ReachFurther/News/Article/How-to-Gamify-Your-E-commerce-Business-and-Engage-Customers


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