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The Early Bird Catches the Agent…

The Early Bird Catches the Agent…

12 April 2018
Author: Jasmine Waters

It’s officially April, meaning another selling season has come to a close. But don’t rest on your laurels – if you want to have your brand considered by an agent, you better move quick…

Typically, an agent’s selling period starts at the end of January, and can last up to the beginning of April. Once the season is complete, brand portfolios will be reviewed to see what has worked, and where there could be room for change and new collections. This is crucial to determine how the next selling season will play out and which brands will be the best fit for particular agents.

By the end of July, the cycle starts over and agents will need to have their plans already in place. Remember: there are always more good brands than there are good agents, so getting in early is a must. To do this, aim to approach as soon as you can – set yourself a goal to do this by the end of March to early April. Agent’s portfolios will be full well before the season begins, so take action while there’s still interest!

When looking for agents, the early bird definitely catches the worm…be sure to contact us to help you find the perfect agent match!



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