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The Birth Of Retaissance

The Birth Of Retaissance

31 July 2020
Author: Jasmine Waters

Retaissance: A fervent period of cultural, artistic, creative and economic rebirth, where community and inclusion are a priority. 

And now? A brand-new opportunity for brands, buyers and agents alike. 

August is set to be an exciting month for one of our UK based agents, Cathie Osbourne, as she prepares to launch her bespoke platform showcasing brands to buyers, connecting them on an all-year basis.

“Wholesale models are changing across Retail, low MOQ’s, short order, ‘never out of stock’ and ‘in season, stock available’ models will be in greater demand” she says. “Retail buyers in all categories have lost resource and have increasingly difficult targets to meet and need to find the ‘next big thing’ efficiently and repeatedly. People’s lives have changed, and this will prompt changes in their approach to purchasing. Communities have rediscovered local, and this renewed sense of community and desire to support local businesses will see the consumer re-look at independents.”

Retaissance is set to facilitate an experience for both brands and buyers tailored to the retail ecosystem, keeping the values of trading and sharing of developing market knowledge at the fore. Independent brands can use it to build a comprehensive online profile, showcasing favourite products and key features alongside hosting essential value resources. Buyers can browse the site and build a portfolio of products to match their exact preference, tracking brands as they extend their lines. After its launch period, Retaissance will also be home to a community framework known as ‘The Lounge’, bringing together retail news, forecasts and contributions from industry figureheads.

“Our namesake is the Renaissance period - it also followed both a pandemic and economic crisis. It was a fervent period of cultural, artistic, creative and economic rebirth. Retaissance aims to be more than a network, we’ll be supporting independent businesses to help them navigate the changes to buying cycles, sustainability, global market expectations and consumer behaviour during these turbulent times.”

The hard launch of Retaissance is August 5th, but brands can sign up and prepare their profiles as of this week, as well as buyers being able to apply ahead of the launch. They currently serve The United Kingdom, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France – and already expanding!

We are proud to be partnering with such a fantastic platform and initiative and cannot wait to see it take off!


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