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The Anton Dell Export Competition - CQ Joyas

The Anton Dell Export Competition - CQ Joyas

13 March 2015
Author: Founder of CQ Joyas, Cristina Queipo de Llano Temboury

"I met Anton Dell Consultancy through Extenda (the trade promotion agency for Andalucía) at the end of last year, when I was invited to participate in the international consultancy workshops / competition for fashion brands. 

I considered that the workshop objectives, such as brand evaluation and collection, international markets, financial aspects, the search for agents or distributors, international fairs, advantages of Made In Spain, and many more were interesting to me and I signed up immediately.

The meetings with Anton Dell and Vesta Zemaite were very productive for me. In a very friendly but also very professional atmosphere, we discussed many issues and they opened my eyes to many aspects of my brand and collection that I should consider; which markets to address, different ways of selling my collection, strategies, advertising, social media, photography, etc ...

There are many issues that would have taken me a long time to learn about on my own. 

I also feel very proud to see that they strongly believe that my young brand and collection may have a place in international fashion markets. Thank you very much, Vesta for your enthusiasm for my brand and collection.

For me, it has been an honour to be able to work closely with such professional people like Anton and Vesta and to have learnt from their experience in the world of fashion brands. And of course I was really happy when I knew that I was the winner of the Anton Dell Export Competition! The Consultancy is now helping me to find agents in the UK and Spain.

Thank you very much!

Cristina Queipo de Llano Temboury

CQ Joyas

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