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The ‘Anton Dell Dictionary’

The ‘Anton Dell Dictionary’

19 March 2020
Author: Anton Dell Team

At The Anton Dell Fashion, Gift and Home Consultancy, we have over twenty-five years of experience within the experience under our belts. We also know that many can be confused about the use of certain terminology and their definitions. “Am I after an agent, or a distributor? Or do I need a representative instead?”

Well, fear not – we are on hand to provide a one-stop dictionary destination to consider and use when working with us.

Agent: an independent person or company who will sell your collection and earn commission based on sales success. Most (but not all) agents have showrooms, but many agents also sell in Hotels or by visiting shops selling ‘on the road’. Many do not have responsibility for collecting payments from shops, and often take stands at fashions fairs or attend at the brands’ own. Agents are requested to purchase and dispose of their samples.

Distributor: sells in the same way as an agent - the difference being that they will be 100% responsible for collecting the payment from the shops. They are therefore responsible to pay the brand. A distributor can buy or not samples and stock but are also requested to purchase and dispose of their samples.

E-tailer: any online sales portal.

Franchisee and franchise holder: are usually companies or individuals who have the rights to produce and sell brands from other countries. They might only sell the original collection as made by the brand, but also might only have a licence to use the name of the brand. 

Master Agent: controls a team of sub agents (definition below).

Sub Agent: Some agents or Master Agents sub-contract their sales to other agents, making them Sub Agents. Typically, this would be in different regions of a certain country.

Rep or ‘Road Rep’: This term is used mostly in USA and refers to agents who sell in hotel or on the road.

Representative: individuals who usually earn on a part-salary, part-commission basis and work exclusively for one brand.

Retailer: A retailer is any classic brick-and-mortar shop.

Showroom: In the USA, agents who work from showrooms call themselves ‘Showrooms’, when in fact they are just agents working on commission. However, in the USA most (99%) showrooms ask for a monthly or season fee as a contribution to showroom costs. In Europe and other parts of the world, a showroom can also act as distributor - being responsible for both sales, payments and logistics.

NOS: some (or all) of a collection is always in stock and available for repeat orders.

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