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Taking Advertising Back to the Billboard

October 25, 2021
Author: Jasmine Waters

For any source of information, we’re most likely to default to the digital. Products are sold to us on social media in a flash, targeted ads follow our digital footprint. In a move to think outside the advertising box, Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is back in the line of fire. What is OOH, and how could it benefit small and independent brands?

What is OOH?

In a nutshell, the out-of-home market is comprised of any advertisement that exists in a public space or outdoor setting, including transport, billboards and pasted posters. Surprisingly, there’s been a 38% increase in their usage, with a market reach of $2 billion in revenue. As expected, fashion has cashed in on the game, with major high-end brands buying into ads on rooftops, flyovers and by airports. Why is there such a resurgence of physical advertising? Mostly because digital ads are no long accessible for the everyday brands. Facebook, Instagram and Google ads have each increased their prices, with the payoff being unpredictable thanks to new algorithms. Now, the question focuses on relaying the strengths of physical back into the digital.

How could it pay off?

We’ve all seen those Instagram posts of a glamourous billboard somewhere in Los Angeles. Just like this, brands are hoping their physical advertising efforts could cause a digital storm. Billboards are now best being bold, clean and simple. Keeping a recognisable brand image is key, while messaging must be able to be quickly absorbed and understood. Physical can easily feed into digital channels, with photo opportunities and tagline buzz creating content all on its own. Brands do need to consider where their billboards or physical adverts are placed. If you’re targeting a certain demographic, where are they? Where are they going? Utilising customer data can help ensure the impact of physical advertising hits the notes of success in just the right places.

What we do know, is the language of digital and physical advertising isn’t the same. Stories cannot be conveyed in the same way and distinguishing the two while keeping them compatible is essential.

Photo source: i.ytimg.com


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