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Straight Shooting for Revolver and CIFF

August 16, 2016
Author: Anton Dell

The top two trade shows in Scandinavia, Revolver and CIFF, happen in Denmark, and this year they felt as good to attend as the soft, texture fabrics I saw highlighted throughout both shows feel against the skin.

The Scandinavian market seems quite buoyant, with many new brands and young, innovative collections on display. Prices are high; however, I must say that the new breed of Scandinavian designers seem much more commercially attuned than many of their contemporaries. By this, I mean they seem to have a solid grounding in the financial aspects of running a business. This was well rewarded, as the first day of both fairs was very busy; the second less so, but still well-attended. I was pleased also to see that there seems to be a lot of available support from the industry for emerging designers. All elements are in place for a stimulating, invigorating environment for brands and sales representatives.

In talking to a number of buyers and agents, I thought they responded well to the characteristically simple look of Scandinavian and, in particular, Danish brands. The fabrics mentioned earlier in this post are not only easy to wear, they also wash well. Lines are kept clean and uncluttered by complicated frills or drapes. This is nicely complemented by the soft, muted colour palettes, used against base colours. A strong influence was white prints on black with a geometric sense to them. Black was also an ongoing theme in the inventive men’s collections.

I was particularly taken with the Stine Goya brand at Revolver. Their uncommon look in loungewear and lingerie is achieved with beautiful silk prints; the Japanese influence shines through in both the cut and the effect of the prints. I am greatly anticipating following this brand and the other energising tendencies I saw in Denmark.


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