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Social Media – Our Top Tips!

Social Media – Our Top Tips!

9 October 2017
Author: Anton Dell

Figuring out how to showcase your business via social media?  Here are some thoughts and tips to get you started…


The most important things when it comes to social media are the ability to listen and to relate.  Social media is only as successful as you make it.  However, help is out there in the blogosphere for those times when you’re not sure how to do this.  Blogging gurus such as Simply Measured, from Hootsuite, can give valuable, experienced guidance.


A quick decision on which social media platforms are best for you will help you focus your energies where they are most needed.  If your marketing plan and brand ethos are not a good match for Instagram or Snapchat, for instance, it is not worth trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. 


Once you have made a decision, don’t forget to include your social media platforms when planning your marketing campaigns.  Incorporating links into email campaigns, for example, will make your entire strategy cohesive.


With so many strands to keep track of, careful noting of daily, weekly, monthly, and annual plans for each platform is important.  If your strategy includes more than one social media platform, remember to coordinate them so that they work together.  Social media planning tools will be your best friend!  As with social media platforms, do your research to focus on ones that suit your needs the best.  We really like Buffer and Tweetdeck as starting points.  As a bonus, both of these tools are free. 


Other important things to keep in mind are the audience you want to reach, the message you want to get across, and your general goals for your social media platforms.  What are your short-term goals?  Or long-term?  How can your strategy work to help you reach these?


Social media can help you reach a huge, international audience.  How do you want your brand to be seen?  Your visuals and captions (in 140 characters or less) will help to reach further than ever.  Make sure they mean what you want and need them to.


We know very well that getting a real feel of your target audience can be difficult.  Something that has helped us is to create a ‘brand profile’ for them.  What are their interests?  Lifestyles?  Age range?  What are their priorities when deciding how to spend their money?  What do they have to say that you can take cues from when creating your social media presence?


Once you have done all of this, don’t forget to track engagement with your social media strategy.  Many platforms, such as Twitter, have built-in analytics, and Google Analytics is also a good resource.  From here, you can get rid of what is not working and go further in promising directions.  Go where the love is!

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