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Sneakers: What We'll Buy and Sell

Sneakers: What We'll Buy and Sell

15 March 2018
Author: Jasmine Waters

As another fashion week season draws to a close, sneakers are back in the spotlight, with fresh styles hotly anticipated for 2018. Giambattista Valli made the perfect example of this with avant-garde exercise shoes, covering his Paris Fashion Week debuts in shag-pile faux fur. Inspired by décor of the 70s, Valli explained he loved the idea of “putting your foot into something furry”.

So what are the experts predicting we’ll see strolling through as strong trends this year, and what can agents expect to sell?

Kicking off the 2018 trends is the ever-popular white sneaker, this time re-vamped with large moulded soles. We’re seeing the return of brands such as Buffalo London, collaborating with the likes of COMME des GARÇONS and worn by influencers including up-coming synth-pop artist Billie Eilish. Minimalistic details and styling will be seen here, with colour palettes being kept neutral, featuring lots of white and a flash of metallics. We’re working with sneaker brand Windsor Smith, who are taking this trend and running with it – check out their ‘RACERR’ styles in Nougat, White Satin, and Rose Gold.

We’re now seeing sneakers being worn for looks over performance, with 75% of global consumers buying them for that sole reason (pun not intended). With customer demand soaring and style the number one priority, brands are keeping it classic – think reds, blues and whites. Kings of sportswear Adidas are leaders in making this trend successful, appealing to both the exercise mad and the style conscious.

It’s fair to say we all love a throwback, and for sneakers, that’s no exception. Strong 90s influences continue to make their mark in footwear this year, with hints of neon and exaggerated silhouettes, feeling colourful and playful. Time to break out the Reebok classics again…

In-keeping with the nostalgia, ‘ugly’ fashion has reared its head again – and this time, it’s here to stay. Clunky, funky and fabulous, we’re seeing lots of greys and dirty finishing. This trend can already be seen in the luxury market, with brands such as Balenciaga and Gucci embracing the unsightly, sure to be bought into by mass-market retailers.

Sisters might be doing it for themselves in the sneaker market this year, as it is now reported that female customers are becoming the priority for many of the bigger sneaker companies. This community is causing a huge surge in demand and influencing major factors, including product releases, design choices and growth in unisex styling. Rihanna catered to the demand with her infamous Puma x Fenty range, gaining even more momentum for 2018.

This year promises to deliver big things in the world of sneakers – something old, new, borrowed, and, in a classic blue. Agents can expect to sell it all, as retailers and customers alike can’t get enough. Selfridge’s brand new sneaker wall in London will be sure to hold the hottest picks, and who knows, you may even see an Anton Dell team member or two around…

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