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Shop the Top of the Pops

Shop the Top of the Pops

18 October 2018
Author: Jasmine Waters

Time and time again the question of how the overall shopping experience can be made more current and enticing has come into play within the fashion industry. With fewer consumers opting for physical stores and a more conventional form of shopping, could pop-up stores be a way to bridge the gap? 

Why Pop-Ups?

As more brands opt for a temporary type of retail, the benefits of marketing as a pop-up are becoming extremely apparent. Firstly, this strategy can allow for the buying experience to be more multichannel, also allowing brands the operate mostly online to have a digital detox and interact with their customers in real life. With multichannel sales helping to retain approximately 73% of consumers, appealing in as many ways as possible is a no brainer. Face to face interaction allows for a sensory experience beyond the screen, and any burning questions can always be answered on the spot.

Experiment and try new things…

If your brand’s cash flow is a little on the tighter side, a pop-up is a cost effective approach, being less expensive that traditional retail storefronts. Shorter rental periods allow for complete flexibility, so brands can find a structure that works best for them. If you’re online only and are ready to dip your toe into the waters of retail, a pop-up is also another great way to put these new markets to the test. When there’s a smaller financial commitment, what’s the harm in trying?

Most importantly, pop-up stores can pave the way for easy experimentation. Asking your customers what they think in a friendly, comfortable yet completely authentic environment can be a cheaper and more practical way of conducting some market research - while also developing brand loyalty! With technology also becoming a big player in re-inventing retail, a pop-up may also provide a key opportunity to see what could suit you best, and what your consumers could get the most out of. So if you’re considering a brand new business move bear in mind the profit of the pop-up!


Photo: snarkitecture.com

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