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Scoop and Pure: Business as Normal, More or Less

Scoop and Pure: Business as Normal, More or Less

27 July 2016
Author: Anton Dell

I was intrigued to see if there would be any notable difference in the two main London trade shows post-Brexit and was quite reassured to see brand representatives sitting and drinking the free prosecco at Scoop, as per usual.

Traditionally the quieter and smaller of the London exhibitions, Scoop has relocated from the Saatchi gallery to old Billingsgate.  The current venue is a trendy, new building which offers a more open-plan ground and mezzanine level, which I felt worked well for brands.  Observable drawbacks included a poor layout and the absence of signage outside the building on top of the lack of signposting marking out a route to the fair from the station, which I felt was already out of the way.  However, visitor numbers seemed reasonable even given the low foot traffic on Sunday and Monday afternoons. There were not many prominent brands nor buyers, but I was glad to see a number of agents selling well.

Pure was busier, especially in the section highlighting accessories, where several agents were doing very well indeed for their brands.  Menswear stood out like a sore thumb – although featured prominently within the layout, I did not observe any buyers at all in this area of the fair.  Overall, it appears sales were strong which is heartening. 

In these times, my advice has not changed.  Brands would be wise to secure agents prior to investing in exhibitions.  An established agency can open doors to boutiques, shops, and department stores, thus ensuring that funds put into everything that goes along with trade shows are sensibly used and brands have the best chance possible of recouping on expenses. 

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