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An Exclusive Event for Agents in the UK & Ireland in Collaboration with Pro Chile

An Exclusive Event for Agents in the UK & Ireland in Collaboration with Pro Chile

19 August 2015
Author: Anton Dell

Pro Chile, in association with the Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy, welcomes agents, distributors and press to an afternoon & evening celebrating some of the most innovative and creative brands working in Chile today.

We invite you to the grand setting of the Chilean Embassy in Westminster to an event that will encompass the best of Chilean hospitality while introducing you to some truly unique brands.

You will also have the chance to sample fine Chilean wines and canapés provided by Ottolenghi, the catering company headed by celebrity chef Yotam Ottolenghi.

Pro Chile aims to engage a global audience with all that the country has to offer.  The organisation operates a network of 50 offices located all over the world.

In collaboration with Anton Dell, the organisation has cherry-picked seven brands ranging from the contemporary minimalism of Kikka Newmann's womenswear to the environmentally conscious accessory brand Walka.  

The aim is to provide support to these brands by helping them gain a strong foothold in the global market through liaison with importers and distributors and through the conduction of vital market research.

Uniting all of these brands is an awareness and pride in their shared Chilean provenance as well as an unflagging dedication to quality  design.

Some of the brands are more direct in their reference to Chilean artisans whose techniques can be traced back to centuries past. Others reflect this history of craftsmanship by means of innovation and the honing of new methods.

Alpaca Samka is among the former - a brand that produces collections of clothing, accessories and home textiles using techniques that have long stood the test of time. Their pieces are produced by Andean communities in Northern Chile which utilise ethically sheared alpaca wool and natural dyes to truly stunning effect.

Anicy Managuian also continues the tradition of using natural fibres such as alpaca, pima cotton and linen but applies a smarter, more streamlined aesthetic to her womenswear collections.

Kika Neumann’s luxurious designs play with classic silhouettes and are aimed at a confident woman with a bold and modern sense of style. She too, relies on high quality natural fibres to communicate the aesthetic of the brand.

La Joya Design is a brand that doesn’t shy away from stark colour blocking and opulent materials. Look to their fall/winter 2015 collection for delicate sheer fabrics juxtaposed with heavy jacquards, copper fibres interwoven throughout.

Homewear and jewellery brand NY Slow Design again champions age-old methods and materials, but applies them to ultra-modern, cleverly designed pieces.

Inspired by the natural environment, Walka jewellery is hand-made in Chile and is dedicated to sustainability; the studio spreads word through regular classes and workshops.

We hope to see you on the 10th September, 4-8pm at the Chilean Embassy, where you will have the chance to discover more about these seven wonderful brands.

Canapés will be served from 6 to 8pm.

Enquiries about the brands participating & RSVPs:

Anton Dell
Tel: +44 (0)208 365 2856

Enquiries about the event and the location:

Tel. 0207 233 2500
Cristián López, Director, ProChile – clopez@prochile.gob.cl
Mariella Michaelides, Trade Advisor – mmichael@prochile.gob.cl
Santiago Lecaros, Trade Advisor – slecaros@prochile.gob.cl

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