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PREMIUM and Panorama, Berlin: cool, refreshing - all about concept!

July 1, 2016
Author: Vesta Zemaite

After some doubt about the role of trade shows in today’s fashion world, we were invigorated by visits to PREMIUM and Panorama in Berlin – not to mention Bright.

In contrast to the subdued atmosphere sometimes encountered, a wonderful vitality was tangible at all of these busy shows. Although PREMIUM and Panorama are the more established venues in the industry, the niche Bright continues to attract urban brands with an edge of cool. From hard-won experience, we know that there are definitely buyers looking for this type of funky appeal.

It was fascinating to see at PREMIUM and Panorama how brands were expressing their shifting core values. Obviously this was mainly felt through the SS17 collections on display from many good brands, which featured brighter and braver colours imaginatively displayed via fresh prints. This alive energy was also visible in the growing emphasis on lifestyle, with an increasing number of perfume, tech, and beauty brands setting up much-visited stalls. Emotion and engagement seemed to be the key drivers, with price taking a secondary role.

This dynamism was also noticeable in hospitality, with buyers being seduced via fruits, yoghurts, salads, and such rather than the chocolate chip cookies we were accustomed to seeing on every stand, which although delicious always made us feel slow and lazy. Not this year!

Especially in Hall 1 at Panorama and Hall 7 and 8 at PREMIUM, we fancied that we saw the future. It came across in unassuming trainers featuring velvet and patent leather detailing, in prime quality make and materials. The qualities that jumped out across the board were trendy, cool, concept, refreshing.

We look forward to following these tendencies as they develop. As always in fashion, the only certain thing is that surprising expressions of creativity and spirit are ahead of us.


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