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Premiere Classe Tuileries and Capsule continue to feel the struggle

Premiere Classe Tuileries and Capsule continue to feel the struggle

30 March 2016
Author: Anton Dell

Paris is a city still reeling from the effects of last year’s terrorist attacks, and this could very much be felt at its recent trade shows.
Premiere Classe Tuileries is a showcase for high-end accessory brands which aims to preview the major trends for the next season.

The trade show presents jewellery, footwear, leather goods and accessory designers selected for their exceptional sense of style and originality. Despite being housed in a relatively intimate venue, the show struggled to attract much footfall.There were exceptions to this and a few of the jewellery and accessory stands had some buzz about them.

The Capsule show took place at the same time in Paris and was met with a similarly lukewarm reaction. Stall holders appeared bored and unoccupied and I spotted only a handful of buyers during my visit.

Trade shows more generally seem to be suffering from a collective feeling of ennui. Smaller, more lively shows in Holland and Belgium are currently the only ones maintaining a good atmosphere.

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