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Our Consultancy’s ‘Frequently Asked Questions’

November 7, 2019
Author: Jasmine Waters

At The Anton Dell Fashion, Gift & Homeware Consultancy, we receive a lot of questions surrounding the work we do. As the first of our kind for uniting brands with agents and distributors on a global scale, it’s not possible to compare us with any other consultancy. So without further ado, let us answer what’s on your mind…

How long does it take to find an agent?

There’s no 100% guaranteed answer. We have found reps and showrooms in 24 hours, but on average it takes 2-12 weeks.

How do I know if the agent you recommend is reliable?

Our experienced team always thoroughly check the reliability of agents, reps and showrooms.

Do you check if the agent has experience with similar brands to mine?

We ensure that any rep or showroom we recommend has the right brand mix to ensure your collection fits in well with their showroom.

My brand is unique – do you offer a more personal or discreet service?

Yes! We have a Premium Search service that we describe as a kind of ‘headhunting’. We have 100% success rate in finding agents using Premium Search so far.

Can you advise me on the most suitable countries for my brand?

With our team of experts, we can recommend countries we believe are able to best compliment, and sell, your brand.

Can you advise me on best export practice?

We can offer you basic guidance on what you need to know to export.

What is the advantage of having our profile on your website?

Uploading your details to our website and social media platforms will increase your brand awareness and be of easy access to agents actively looking for a new brand.

Can you tell me if you have worked with any famous brands?

We have! Please see the logos of well-known brands at the bottom of our homepage.

Other advantages of working with us include our trust gained from our database of 24,000 agent and distributor contacts (helping to open many difficult doors), A success rate of 85% and an experienced, young dynamic consultancy team speaking nine languages.

If you still have any doubts or questions, please feel free to email us at info@antondell.com


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