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Diary of an agent from: Italy

Diary of an agent from: Italy

10 July 2020
Author: Gepy Ricciardi

In Italy we waited until May 5th for reopening, we lived the lock down with extreme anxiety and listening to criticism from several independent journalists on how this emergency was faced, to the point of wondering if it really was worth the effort to make such a huge sacrifice, if it were commensurate to the entirety of the drama when it will seriously endanger deeply the economy of many micro enterprises! The bad management of this pressure has greatly ignited the awareness of Italian entrepreneurs, especially small businesses, 140,000 units which represent 24% of the total industries in Italy.

Imagine that these are the fighting entities that have not been duped by the mainstream news, and are now looking forward to starting again with their own capability.

On July 15th we will no longer wear the face masks in the north, while in the south no one is wearing it, all viruses are inert in summer, it has already been a too long since we have circulated as zombies until now. Initially our government told us: stay at home for 14 day at the beginning and after we reached 60 days and more, with strong patience and resilience thanks to our citizens’ common sense. Now they continue to terrorize and persuading to make us believe that face mask are a distinctive sign of our sense of civilization when politicians gather freely without using it. This is insane!

Face mask can never be a fashion accessory as our politicians wanted to make us do. I will NEVER sell it!

We are very angry and if there was a second lock down nobody would respect it, we in Italy have a constitution to defend, it includes the freedom of our lifestyle and our creativity that we have exported for centuries.

We are many, we are many micro enterprises that we are defending ourselves with our teeth. My action plan is to focus on the internal market and implement online services to those who want to export

Or to sell internationally as we have always done. We look forward to September to be able to reallocate our brands and add new brands having new ideas to promote and continuing doing business and exist. Our new platform: www.modernwearing.com is being planned, our clients will exhibit their collections with a video slide of mini-shows in augmented reality showrooms to facilitate foreign buyers that may or may not want to travel anymore.

Photo credit: https://www.pexels.com/@vlada-karpovich

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