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NEONYT - the New Kid on the Block

NEONYT - the New Kid on the Block

29 November 2018
Author: Jasmine Waters

At The Anton Dell Fashion, Gift & Home Consultancy, we are no strangers to attending a trade show or two. The team can often be found travelling the globe from one event to the next at any given point in the season. Earlier this year, we wrote about the ‘death by trade show’: examining why shows aren’t attracting the attendees they were once unrivalled for, and what organisers can do to make a change in the growing decline. While we know that the current trade-show circuit is in a bit of a sorry state, a new kid on the block has started to talk an extremely promising talk - NEONYT.  

What is NEONYT? 

NEONYT will be making its season debut in Berlin between 15-17 January 2019. With an aim and focus on becoming the “global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation”, the event has set itself no small task in trying to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with. Officially, NEONYT will be taking over from the existing Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and Greenshowroom, with a new shift towards overall fashion curation. The intended USP seems to be emphasising the idea of a ‘hive mind’ - aiming to “combine the most important elements of the fashion industry – business, inspiration, knowledge, fun and community – in a neo-new way”.

Will the “new- neo way” make any real change? 

Although a lot of positive and pleasing statements are being made in NEONYT’s first introduction to the world, the real test still lies ahead. There is no question that making sustainability a top priority should win the attention of both brands and agents, as consumers continue to take steps to align their purchasing with more ethical businesses. There promises to be both variety and inclusion, with the ‘hub’ itself rooted from trusted and established players in the trade show circuit. But the promises of their re-invention remain exactly that - just desires. The call for fashion unity and affinity stands mysteriously, but as an exciting idea. With the overall declining attendance, NEONYT will have to pull up their socks to live up to what it has set out to be.

But who knows... you may see an Anton Dell team member there before you know it! 


Image Credit: neonyt.messefrankfurt.com


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