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Menswear: The Revamped Version

Menswear: The Revamped Version

19 July 2019
Author: Jasmine Waters

By the end of May this year, it was reported that a third of male consumers now believe that their shopping experience has improved over the last ten years. Statistics like this show there is a new confidence within the male consumer, arguably provided by a complete rejuvenation of the overall ‘menswear experience’. What has prompted the change, and where will this lead the market’s future?

What’s happening with menswear?

By 2020, menswear is expected hit a value of £16.3 billion in the UK alone, with the entire global sector predicted to grow by a rate of 2.3%.  This was first thought to be because of the target demographic itself becoming more style-orientated, but even this can only be backed up by a strong growth in the economy. Changes such as the rise of online shopping and quick response to trends have made sure menswear has had to compete with other sectors of the fashion industry, which could be a catalyst of the new generations, with each after the one before statistically spending more on clothing – and themselves – than the last.

What might we see in the future?

Now a true ‘wake-up call’ has been established within the menswear sector, there are a number of changes we could see occurring in the foreseeable future. A greater range of specialised fittings could be seen to become a mainstream service, introducing a new concept of tailoring to the larger masses on a more accessible scale. The need to browse may also look to be eliminated, with digital processes ensuring anything a consumer habitually buys can be periodically sent to them automatically, meeting the needs and realistic habits of the market itself. Coupled with this is a surge of gender-neutral design (slowly continuing to rise in the market since the 1980s) and fabrics becoming more ‘technically savvy’ and high performing, both creating a new sense of consumer liberation, ease and authenticity.

The reasons why may be varied, but there is no question that the global menswear market is seeing landmark changes that mean the products themselves are not only growing, but transforming. How men dress may now be revolutionised, with brands capitalising on the renewed interest and future innovations.


Photo credit: Faguo

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