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Marketing Brands in a Post-COVID World

Marketing Brands in a Post-COVID World

24 May 2021
Author: Jasmine Waters

Who knew you could still predict what’s to come after the most unpredictable year on record? Despite the last 12 months, as we continue to move towards a future that may be more shaped by a kind of ‘normal’, trends are beginning to resurface. The goalposts for post-pandemic success are constantly shifting, with brands continuously needing to adapt to remain relevant and conscientious. Here’s a round-up of emerging trends that could be integrated into new business ways of thinking.

What trends will we see in the future?

Much like many British consumers love to partake in, a feeling of nostalgia looks to come to the fore of business campaigns. Taking a trip down memory lane is something we find a great deal of comfort in, particularly now we’re left yearning for a time before COVID-19. Brands can help rekindle this rosy picture to their advantage, acting as a safety blanket to lean into by providing excitement about a type of life to come. As we’re beginning to see in many brand advertising campaigns, even something as simple as a trip to the pub can be transformed into reminding us of the joys of simplicity itself. Done correctly, nostalgia can be an excellent asset in a business’ toolkit, providing genuine excitement.

This leads into the idea of coming back together – families, friends and shops with their consumers. Brands can harness the hoarded desire for being physically reunited, communicating closeness in visual branding as well as experience personalisation. On the opposite side of the spectrum is a feeling of self-indulgence, claiming the time back to pamper and luxuriate. We’re desperate for fixes of engagement after too many months of solely digital contact, meaning many more will take the plunge to splash out and do something daring. Good times will be snapped up like never before, and there’s no stopping the brands that can provide them.

How else can we market brands? 

Ultimately, it’s worth abiding by the idea that good businesses are good for business. According to McKinsey, consumers switched brands in 2020 at twice the rate they did beforehand, highlighting the ongoing challenge to maintain a deeper sense of connection and loyalty. Genuine brand building activations are the essential building block and cannot be absent while operating on short-term sales initiatives alone. Brands now have the power to allow consumers to break free from their usual routine, delivering a sense of engagement that will keep customers around for good. Partnered with this is the idea that many more of us want to align ourselves with those that are genuine in doing ‘good things’. Those that help causes and individuals are more likely to maintain momentum in post-COVID live. Businesses building collective power is the ultimate trend to build on – from environmental change to diversity, the need to do better is going nowhere.

Image source: https://lookeducation.com.au/education-marketing-strategies-covid-19/

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