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Making Your Mark with Menswear

May 4, 2018
Author: Jasmine Waters

Vive la Révolution – of menswear, that is.

The market is seeing dynamic changes, bringing a whole new consumer audience to the forefront. But who are they, and how can retailers win them over?

An eager fashion business eye can see that menswear and womenswear are closer than ever before. The new consumer is educated, aware and aloof, with a keen interest in what’s going on in the world around them. There’s been a huge increase in access and opportunities that menswear can now offer, with consumers getting to grips with brand new areas of styling and grooming. However, there is a noticeable generational divide in functional and fashionable buying habits – for retailers to keep their head in the game, they’ll need to stay relevant to a wide cross-section.

Influence now comes from all over, with industry and celebrity culture having as much impact as the origins of street style. Menswear has remained a media hot topic, having incorporated ‘influencers’ into the league of desired sportsmen and musicians. Anton Dell brand Audio Architect Apparel also embodies this with a celebration of music and technology, creating a new connection through fashion.

Brand collaborations have not wasted time making their mark, tapping into these extended consumer interests. Older brands have been introduced to a younger customer base (such as Fred Perry x Raf Simons), while new names like Supreme capitalise on aligning with mainstream success stories. But if a brand collaboration isn’t meaningful, the hype won’t last for long.

New menswear trends are much less ‘item-driven’, with consumers staying more loyal to specific brand and retailers. This is where the growing success of online shopping comes in – perfect for those who know what they want, but quickly and conveniently. Without the unwanted hassle of the changing room, consumers can buy the clothes they want at affordable prices, all through a personalised service. If done well, this is an area retailers can create long-lasting connections with their customer base.

Menswear might be changing, but core retail values will always come out on top. Staying relevant, inclusive and authentic are all key to success in the menswear market!

Audio Architect Brand Profile: http://antondell.com/brands-for-agents/show/audioarchitectapparel/

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