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‘Local Leisure’ – This Year’s Big Summer Trend

‘Local Leisure’ – This Year’s Big Summer Trend

8 June 2021
Author: Jasmine Waters

Green, amber, red – we’re still not too sure where we stand with international travel. Even so, many of us are desperate for a getaway, even if it is only a short drive up the road. With this consumer thinking in mind, many brands are turning their attention back to resortwear, as staycation travels are looking to see an unprecedented boom. A safety net of big revenue, how can brands and agents encapsulate the feel of ‘local leisure’?

What is local leisure?

According to Nielsen, 7 in 10 of us are eager to book a vacation as soon as possible, a desire that’s bleeding into what consumer want from their fashion and beauty brands too. Even before the pandemic was something we were even aware of, products for holidays were generating big business, although its language is now shifting after the demise of many stores in travel hotspots. Domestic travel and its local stores are now the biggest priority, with key tourist markets like China unlikely to be active in the foreseeable future. With this in mind, there are positive strategies bringing themselves to the fore, such as more permanent pop-ups and anticipating for holidays to become a seasonless, year-round event.

How do brands embrace the best of pandemic travel?

With digital traffic for beachwear already taking off, the time for brands and agents to act is now. 2019 research by Censuswide showed that Brits alone spent around £3 million on their summer wardrobe, while younger consumer demographics are the most keen to spend and spend again, not wanting to be seen in the same outfit twice. Thanks to these changes, brands are already looking to expand their wares, targeted as the area of industry most likely to grow. This had led into in-store visual merchandising, with brands placing emphasis on buying multiple items to complete an outfit or holiday purchase. Others have chosen to up the ante in their digital campaigns, diversifying models to create an inclusive social buzz. Holiday items are also less likely to stay seasonal, meaning brands need to be cautious about excess when looking to invest more.

The future of travel wear is still very much up in the air – even while we aren’t. More brands are choosing to double down on pop-ups in domestic holiday spots, leaning into relaxed browsing to allow small brands to be discovered and talked about. Although the capsule collection could be a great way to limit expenditure, holing up in a local vacation spot might not come cheap. Despite this, many brands feel the benefits outweigh this, maintaining a domestic retail presence while travel gets back to the glory it once had.

Photo source: Aggel profile

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