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January Tradeshows in Paris - Porte de Versailles

January Tradeshows in Paris - Porte de Versailles

6 February 2017
Author: Lucia Stansbie

The team headed up three separate trade shows in Paris - home to couture and style alike - each located at the Paris expo Porte de Versailles.


The fashion tradeshows we visited were ‘Who’s Next’, dedicated to womenswear ready-to-wear collections, ‘Premiere Class’, which focused on accessories and lastly, Bihjorca for jewellery only.


First up was the ‘Who’s Next’ tradeshow, brimming with womenswear collections. The WN brand oozes feminism and female empowerment through the brands it represents. It is always an interesting show and as usual, was completed with a string of great conferences and workshops that make the show overall more interesting. We had the chance to meet with a great deal of Spanish brands that are opening themselves up to export their brands. There is huge export potential in those very commercial, beautiful and well-priced womenswear collections, ‘Cayro Woman’ and ‘Why Not’, for example.


The tradeshow presented more eveningwear and couture brands, which was intriguing as it’s what Paris is widely known for. One brand in particular grabbed our attention was a Berlin based label called Arrey, creating unique designs and using beautiful fabrics, the entire collection transmitted the designer’s huge creativity and love for fashion, excellently.


Premiere Classe – the second in our run of tradeshows - is always a very busy tradeshow with a number of accessory brands coming in from all over the world. From handbags, glasses and hats to jewellery and shoes, each category was well represented and this was obviously a winning formula, as the show was buzzing with buyers. We saw several original collections, radiating very high quality standards and sporting beautiful designs from some emerging brands and a few, already established, brands.


Similarly, to the ‘Who’s Next’ tradeshow, there was a huge presence of Spanish brands in each of the different categories, each presenting new, innovative and modern designs at a very high standard.


Lastly we visited the Bihjorca tradeshow which, as aforementioned, is very focused on jewellery. The show featured a high volume of Brazilian and South African collections, which were incredible striking. Showing a wide variety of jewellery brands from the more commercial accessories to the more marketable jewellery, it was a brilliant show and featured some hidden treasures each aimed at a very specific kind of buyer. We figured that the key buyers for Bihjorca, would be those in search of jewellery only.


Overall, each Parisian tradeshow showed great promise in womenswear, accessories and jewellery and displayed to onlookers and buyers, a number of emerging trends.



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