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Tradeshows in Vegas

Tradeshows in Vegas

7 March 2017
Author: Anton Dell

With an estimated 85,000 visitors, MAGIC currently holds the card for the most attendees outside of Shanghai Fashion week.


A phenomenal series of shows, serious fitness training is needed in order to visit each of the 13 different trade fairs, spread out across six different hotel convention centres in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not to mention a sobering investment in taxi fairs and the added allure of casinos dotted around our dear Las Vegas.


Within the different venues of Vegas, you’re able to find just about everything one could ever want. From the latest in fashion forward contemporary to urban, elegant evening wear and even swimwear clothes your great grandmother might have worn. The highly popular and fast growing athleisure trend also reared its head, in the form of yoga and exercise wear this time around. Each show had a specially dedicated area set aside for this important growing trend, showing its prevalence in the fashion industry once over.


Previously MAGIC tradeshows were important places where orders were written up, while other stands were busy writing, and heading up their own orders. In present time however, the tradeshow has become a place where buyers attend more to look around and assess what pieces and collections they may purchase for order in the future. Now, the decisions are frequently made once attendees reach back to their bases, place orders in the many showrooms in the different regions of USA. However, this is not just a show for US buyers. There are a number of visitors from all over the world, most notably Japan and Korea and a growing number of Chinese attendees.


With hundreds of stands from India, China and the rest of Asia, one of the 13 tradeshows I attended was solely dedicated to sourcing. An interesting new trend in the market, there is the growing number of ‘Made in America’ brands.


As always, MAGIC continues to be on our fashion calendar, but I do agree that fair organisers should start offering added value and incentive to those exhibiting, as well as the visitors. Though with an added decline from 100,000 to a mere shadow of 85,000, I suspect visitor numbers may decline further, if no changes are made to the overall show.

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