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It’s Time for Fashion Awards

November 3, 2016
Author: Vesta Zemaite

It’s that time again, and we are all excited to see the formerly known British Fashion Awards revamped; the event will have a new global focus, with awards honoring international talent from both the creative and business sides of the industry, and a bigger public audience.

I find it interesting that the BFC (British Fashion Council) also plans to broadcast the event internationally. And, for the first time, the Awards will have an additional sense of purpose -to raise money to support fashion education in the UK through the BFC Fashion Education foundation, which is extremely important to bring the pioneers of the next generation into the limelight. It is of note that, despite the fact that UK universities turn out 3,000 fashion and textiles design graduates each year; employers complain of a skills shortage, because these graduates lack the ability to turn a drawing-board design into a 3D garment. I have found from my own practice that there is an increasing gap in students not being able to understand the commercial and business side to fashion. I spend much of my time trying to help educate both fashion students and established brands on export, marketing and business related topics. Specifically, there is an enormous gap in knowledge on fashion agents, distribution, and logistics; even wholesale model in general. Here at Anton Dell, we are passionate about helping to pioneer brands and individuals in the industry. Our free educational workshops and webinars introduced earlier this year have been a great success with brand owners referring to the experience as “exhilarating”. We trust it refers to an ‘eye-opener effect’. It’s great to see governmental and trade events, such as the British Fashion Awards, highlighting the importance of holistic fashion education.

This time is a period to celebrate British and International fashion, from its onset in the education system, all the way through to fruition in some of the biggest brand names known to date; with the Awards being the first to celebrate the international industry, from business to creativity, from emerging talent to fashion icons. Earlier in the year, 1500 key members of the fashion industry were invited to put forward their preferences for each category. The voting body represents 41 countries across media, retail, communications and creative disciplines such as photography, art direction, set design and production. It is exciting to see fantastic commercial brands like Self Portrait being nominated, however it seems there isn’t too much room for ‘new kids on the block’. Brands in the emerging talent category, for example, have been around for at least couple of years. It would be so refreshing to see more newcomers nominated – the champions in creative as well as strategic business disciplines. The winners will be announced on the 5th December at a lavish gala ceremony held at the iconic Royal Albert Hall. I look forward to my Awards invite arriving in the post!


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