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‘It’s PR Darling, It’s PR’

‘It’s PR Darling, It’s PR’

18 January 2019
Author: Jasmine Waters

The game of good Public Relations is one that always has, and always will, constantly change. 2019 means both agents and brands alike will need to re-learn the best ways to market their products - but what ways will resonate the most in the coming year, and how can the industry best utilise them?

How will PR be shaped in 2019?

Getting the best out of your PR, whether you have a dedicated team or do it yourself, is to think of it as a car engine. The heart of what you need to get to where you want to go, making sure you have a regular check of what’s working and what isn’t will make sure you’re not left broken down or in a tight spot. Being reliant on one format will often not get you very far, and this year sees the continued rise of brand journalism. As traditional forms of media continue to decline, it’s never been more important to build on both understanding and promoting your personal brand. This can be helped by not becoming a slave to the expected press releases, and opting for a balance of both true and unique content to who you are. 

What more can you do to sell your brand?

If you’re in a position to hire an extra helping ‪PR hand, 2019 trends indicate the sooner you can, the better. Specialised professionals can use the power of storytelling to bring a brand to life, creating fresh new content across multiple channels, all the while deepening the level of company research. They can also help to create and tweak a refreshed and comprehensive strategy, as the distinction between public relations and media relations becomes much more clear. Working with others to help tell your story rather than just relying on solo communication means both agents and the brands themselves can expand their net of contacts, reaching a diverse new set of partners.

Amid all the PR hype, it’s also important to know when you might be in dangerous territory, so staying hyper-vigilant when it comes to figures and statistics is a must. That being said, we are all beginning to see the real staying power of Artificial Intelligence, and the PR sector is no exception to the rule. Incorporating this into your strategy could allow for new relevant ways to market a brand to come to the forefront, while effectively avoiding any ‘fake news’. With these trend outlines set to define the way public relations will work for the rest of the year, being flexible to growth, new methods and collective working will ensure the buzz is brought back into selling what your brand is all about.


Photo credit: arrowecs.co.uk

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