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How to Sell in USA?

March 4, 2015
Author: Anton Dell

Brands often ask us to find agents in USA as this market, of course, has great potential; however there are aspects of doing business in USA, related to distribution, that are very important to understand prior to seriously considering exporting to USA.

Firstly, agents are called reps by most in the United States of America and Canada. Distributors are often referred to as showrooms as they sell from their own spaces.

The majority of reps (agents) or showrooms sell on commission and also ask for showroom fees, which is standard practice in the majority of states in the USA and also in Canada.

Most reps (agents) and showrooms do not want to be involved in the logistics of importation for the clients they sell to. Therefore, you will need a separate company to do this for you.

There are 2 types of distributors in USA: some only handle the logistics of importing and distribution and don’t do any selling; others handle all importation and selling. There are not so many of these type of distributors.

There are also a few very good general sales agents or managers who can develop your brand in USA. They usually charge quite high fees or/and take a salary.

My strong advice when considering doing business in USA is to find the best possible sales showroom or individual and then handle the importation and financial logistics separately. We can recommend two financial/ delivery/ importation/ logistics companies in USA who are highly reliable and expert in working with fashion companies. Contact our team if you would like further details.

The above is a general overview; if you have any detailed questions, do contact me.


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