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How to Increase Your Sales with Pinterest?

How to Increase Your Sales with Pinterest?

5 August 2015
Author: Florencia Escudero

Pinterest is the most visually and sales oriented platform of the Holy Social Media Trinity, which also includes Facebook and Twitter. A brief glance to the Pinterest wall will introduce you to DIY projects, famous quotes, tutorials, and of course a myriad of products so nicely presented that you want to buy them all. That is the secret behind the success of Pinterest: fascinating imagery.

If your business is even remotely related to fashion, design, visual arts or travel, and you still haven’t got a Pinterest account, then it’s time for you to start. These are some tips to increase your conversion rates by posting pretty images on the world’s biggest virtual pinboard.

  1. Choose beautiful images. The amount on offer on Pinterest is overwhelming, so it is very important that your image stands out. Focus on details, make sure the colours work harmoniously together, try to find a new way of showing or featuring your product.
  2. Link your images accordingly. A picture without a link is like not posting anything at all. The only way of increasing your traffic and boosting SEO is to link the images to your web. Make sure you are also very clever when you comment on your own pictures (keep it short and sweet) and use hashtags (#) wisely.
  3. Use the Pinterest advertising platform. Pinterest for business has reached a whole new level with the advertising platforms. This means that you can pay to feature your products at the top of the Pinterest board, and therefore, make them more visible to your audience.
  4. Engage with your followers. All in all, Pinterest is still a social network, and people like to pin as much as they like to be repinned. Learn how to curate content from other pinners and pin it on your own boards. The more pins you have, the more followers you’ll engage.
  5. Pin consistently. Not everyday at every moment of the day, but learn which are the best pinning times for your business depending on your audience. Pinterest provides you with analytics, which pretty much do all the hard work for you.

And last but not least, always consider your audience. Ask yourself who is going to buy your products and what they are most likely to share on their boards. Getting to know your audience is always a winning formula.

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