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How to Win Over Brazilian Women with Your Shoes and Bags?

How to Win Over Brazilian Women with Your Shoes and Bags?

17 December 2014
Author: Nadia Ramos, market specialist

Accessories are one of the most profitable investments in fashion retail right now; Brazilian women (as with most women) just can’t seem to have enough! Brands that previously sold shoes exclusively have opened their horizons up to bags in all forms – clutches, shopping bags, the baguette, et cetera. The most popular model by far is the shopping bag, since it has the best price/benefit ratio: you can pay a reasonable price for it and then fit everything you need for the day into it (including a clutch for a night out). The shopping bag is the best seller for most top Brazilian accessory brands, such as Arezzo, Santa Lolla, and Schultz.

Shoes are also a high-selling product, given the endless design possibilities. You can find the perfect pair for all occasions and personalities in a short walk to the nearest mall! Brands in Brazil tend to have an extensive basic line, along with a more fashion-forward one. Pumps with animal print and metallic details are very in this season! With such a large market, it is hard not to find a niche.

Brazilian women are very into the latest trends, yet most live on a budget; foreign brands are the consumer dream of many, but high prices and taxation laws make it tough to bring the dream home. Design is the key to the Brazilian heart, so if a brand can offer a trendy product with an affordable price, it will be warmly embraced by the public. Hot tip: free shipping always puts smiles on our faces!

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How to Win Over Brazilian Women with Your Shoes and Bags?