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HILOS: the Innovation Game-Changers

HILOS: the Innovation Game-Changers

12 April 2021
Author: Jasmine Waters

There’s no doubting that HILOS are changing the way we think about design.

With an ethos of believing the matter is in the method of the make, they’re going against the grain of mass impersonal production. Like it or not, we’re at a point where we must confront the true cost of consumption. A community of designers, engineers and artists, HILOS are spearheading the revolution of personal, sustainable manufacturing.

“24 billion shoes are made each year, using 48 trillion gallons of fresh water. Of this staggering number, one out of every five goes straight to landfill” 

- Elias Stahl, Co-Founder & CEO

HILOS additive footwear is a unique collaboration of digital design, 3D printing and hand craftsmanship. Each pair’s starting point stems from the same digital model, harnessing endless potential for personal customisation without the wait times. This radical new process not only brings a sense of artistry and performance to the shoes themselves, but also empowers the craftsman – a champion of localised and sustainable making. Their slogan of “building a future for personalised products – aligning people, product and planet” is sure to catch the attention (and hearts) of the conscious, transparent consumer base.

A circular lifespan means a new way to make. Each shoe is 100% recyclable, using less than 15% of the water traditional footwear takes to produce (a massive 1700 gallons – that’s no small feat). Every pair is designed to be disassembled and recycled at the end of their life, with the scheme of sending shoes back to be recycled and redistributed exactly the kind of forward-thinking consumers will be looking to see in 2021 and beyond. 

“Everything we manufacture today is taking away from our natural resources to over-produce. Flip that script. With additive manufacturing, you have a world where we can serve the environment while creating the bold and exciting”

- Elias Stahl, Co-Founder & CEO

Now HILOS are looking to partner with lifestyle and footwear brands in order to funnel the collaborative spirit back into the industry. With buy-make-ship in one week, lead times down to 90 days and circularity as a service in itself, the Brand Partnership Programme offers a unique chance to adapt to environmental changes that need to be made.

Head to the HILOS website to apply (closes May 1st 2021) for discounts & early access pricing, a material sample kit and a circular design workshop. 

“We’re excited to partner up with HILOS to really look at different ways to manufacture around zero waste that aren’t being explored in our segment of the industry. Digitally manufacturing amazing products fulfilled on a short lead time is what they do best”

 - Brad Day, President CEO of Helm Boots


Hear from the team in-person at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOJTOO74_C4

For more information, visit https://hilos.co/



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