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Girls Swap Heels For Sneakers!

Girls Swap Heels For Sneakers!

9 January 2017
Author: Anton Dell

While sneakers have been a staple in fashion  industry for over 100 years, interest in them has risen considerably throughout 2016. Marking its first year in history, studies show that sneakers outsold heeled footwear, among its female buyers.  

Hanging  up   their   heels,   studies   show   that   female   consumers   are   trading   in uncomfortable  footwear  for  the added  comfort  of  trainers,  with  numbers  showing  a significant increase on the last year. Much like the recent athleisure trend, which saw women  wearing  sportswear  as  street-wear,  and  assisted  in  accelerating  brand growth, sneakers have fast developed into a statement.  

Millennials are  the  reason  behind  this, as  they  have quickly  become  a  key  driver inthe footwear market, generating a whopping $21 billion in profits, among 18-34 year olds.  The  industry  stands  to  benefit  a  great  deal.  In just  one  year,  the  once ‘elitist’sneaker culture expanded from simple street-wear trends to fashion shows and even stretched  to  design  houses.  More  and  more  consumers  are  purchasing  trainers  to wear  on  a  day-to-day.  With  no  signs  of  slowing  down,  the  trend  has  become  a lifestyle, particularly for women.

Because  of  this,  brands  are  going  through  a  transitional  phase,  choosing  to  adapt their  approach  and  making  the  conscious  effort  to  create  women-specific  trainers, predicting  that  the  growth  in  sales  in  women’s  sneakers  will  continue  to  flourish.Retailers  are  advised  however  to  focus  on  comfort,  should  they  wish  to  stand  out from  a  crowd  of  oversaturated  trainers.  Though  many  well-known  retailers  may  sell their own brand of trainers, their  popularity doesn’t match and nor do sales, as they lack  the  comfort  of  brands  who  specialize  in  the  area.  Nike  and  New  Balance  for example.   Our   client hummel   is   a   prime   example   of   a   youthful   and   vibrant,inexpensive and comfortable footwear brand, at little cost suited to women.

It is also believed that celebrities influence the way we shop. Musicians Rihanna and Kanye  West  certainly  support  this  statement,  as  both  have  championed  the  Puma and  Adidas brands  this  past  year.  Most  notably, Rihanna pioneered and  essentially rebranded Puma when she became the brands Creative Director. The successful line of trainers entitled ‘Yeezy Season 1’ by Kanye West for example, with only a limited amount  of  trainers  available,  sold  out  of  stock  within  seconds  and  thus  created  a fresh  new  hunger  for  the  brand.  The  rapper  was  forced  to  release  a  second collaboration  following  its  immense  success.  Though  he’s  not  the  first  to  reshape  a brand via endorsement. Basketball player Chuck Taylor gave Converse constructive notes on the brand in 1921 and later went on to pioneer the brand. So influential, the Converse brand is still referred to as ‘Chucks’ in 2016.

Now, more and more consumers are looking for marketable trends and the sneaker market is high on alert at the moment. Trade shows such as Sneakerness and Bright Trade  Show  in  Berlin  are  all  excellent  examples  of  exciting  markets  to  attend  in search of  cool and  quirky  sneakers.  Offering  the best and latest  in  comfortable and stylish  footwear,  these  markets  are  incredibly  sought  after,  with  tickets  sold  out  at Sneakerness already.

Just  like  the  trend  of  athleisure,  the  scope  of  this  trend  is  simple.  Maximum  profit stands  to  be  made  from  simply  marketing  more  female  specific  footwear.  After  all, girls are readyto wear their feet flat on the ground and perhaps, even run a little.

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