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Get The Crème De La Crème with Premium Search

May 9, 2018
Author: Jasmine Waters

As premium fashion takes its place in the limelight, Anton Dell’s Premium Search service also promises to be the ‘next big thing’ when finding a perfect match for your brand. Similar in namesake but not in nature, the search allows for a carefully crafted and tailored experience, helping all from commercial names to brand new start-ups.

Simply put, Premium Search is highly focused ‘head-hunting’, a custom built journey to ensure the most attention and detail possible can be given to finding the best marriage between brands and agents. All searches are exclusively run by our Premium Search Manager Lucia Stansbie, armed with over fifteen years of experience and a developed vast network of showroom contacts. The beauty of the search itself is the amount of specific information that can be curated for each and every client. If a brand is UK based, there’s the flexibility to meet in person, if there are sudden changes, the search process can respond to every beck and call.

The process begins with initial discussions resulting in a ‘pre-selection’ of potential agents, usually between 10-20 choices. Each should be a perfect pairing, with agents also receiving custom emails and calls to learn why a brand is their match made in heaven. The searches themselves can also be expansive, encompassing wider areas as opposed to specified countries. Within 6-8 weeks on average, a new match should be solidly formed.

So far, the service has had a 100% success rate to date, overseeing projects such as Sand Copenhagen’s search to find UK agents. The search has also helped Danish footwear giants Hummel to find agents in the UK, and guided Brazilian footwear brand Schutz through the country’s competitive industry. Premium Search can cater to every need, with previous clients sitting in a varied range of markets.

As the service continues to grow from strength to strength, the track record says it all – Premium Search is a unique, trusted and unquestionably successful method of matching brands to agents. Everyday communication, discretion, and additional advice on anything from brand price points to advertising material sets the service apart when it comes to attention and detail. After all, the customer is always right…

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