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Get into the Green Zone

July 18, 2018
Author: Jasmine Waters

We all want our ‘brands’, whether they are professional or personal, to embody the best and most authentic view of what we believe in. Now that the issue of sustainable fashion is more important than ever before, being ‘environmentally friendly’ is playing a key factor in keeping brand consumers both loyal and interested. So how can you incorporate ‘eco-chic’ and go forward greener?

It is absolutely certain that sustainability will be at the centre of innovation within the fashion industry in 2018, with more and more companies keeping their focus on its importance. The economy itself is shifting to become more circular, with sustainability evolving from fragmented pieces of initiatives to a complete and defining part of the fashion chain. There is, now more than ever, a realisation of progress as a form of leadership can serve as a great force of innovation and differentiation. We only need to look as far as brands like Patagonia cracking the formula for a plastic free wetsuit, and ethical pioneers like The Body Shop and Virgin. Purpose led business used to be a rarity, but now striving for something beyond simply the pursuit of profit will help to win over a new wave of conscious customers.

Experts believe that we may now reach a point where credibility will snap and customers will reject brands with sweeping statements and ‘big claims’. So how can we avoid this? Creating a brand purpose will ensure that sustainability doesn’t become an ‘add-on’ to your core beliefs, but fully integrated. We know that consumers don’t respond to empty spin, so using purpose to steer your business decisions and influencing strategic direction is a must. This could be done in a variety of ways – an ‘anti-purpose’ method (explicitly rejecting big aspirations to focus on sustainable simplicity), adopting a grounded, accessible and heart-felt approach in order to create relatable consumer purpose or going big and committing to sacrifices and trade-offs in order to maintain authenticity.

Regardless of what direction you may go in, brand purpose can only make a win-win situation. Transparency will continue to be a key factor in success in the fashion industry, alongside garments can that benefit the greater good – what are you waiting for?


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