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5 January 2018
Author: Vesta Zemaite

If you are a fashion agent or rep or distributor looking for brands to add to your portfolio, why would you want to find brands through the Anton Dell Network? Allow us to convince you…

When you add 20 years’ experience as a fashion agent on top of being born to parents working in the business, Anton Dell lives, breathes, and bleeds the industry.  All of this ingrained knowledge has gone into the consultancy.  We are the world’s only network of agents/reps and fashion brands and we pride ourselves on our careful matching of sales representatives to the right companies. 

From world-famous brands making millions per year to small, just-birthed companies in need of the right handlers, from giftwear to menswear, and from high-street looks to luxury bridal, we present brand identity in a clear, concise, yet expressive way on our website, organised by country and category for easy browsing.  If one jumps out at you, it takes a minute or two to let us know of your interest via the site.  Your inquiry will go straight to the director of the company. 

The crucial information about companies and collections embedded in our brand summaries guide us in recommendations to you based on your index of brands.  We may also decide to recommend you to a brand and help you get the collection; as we attentively nurture relationships, our suggestions carry weight with decision makers.   Additionally, we liaise with brands, advising them on logistical issues, freight, commission, and other related issues, so that both sides are best prepared when a conversation blossoms. If negotiations then arise, we are happy to advise as needed.  Our team comprises of individuals from all over the world, fluent in multiple languages and in insider jargon.

Suffice to say: we understand your business and how you work.  We take great pleasure in connecting you to the best, most interesting brands worldwide.

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