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Flip-Book Fashion: Steps to Start Your Business

Flip-Book Fashion: Steps to Start Your Business

27 June 2018
Author: Jasmine Waters

Whether you’re a graduate student fresh out of fashion school, armed with a degree and a whole lot of enthusiasm, or a well seasoned professional looking for a change in direction, deciding to start your own business or not has always been a tricky question. It’s not uncommon to frequently hear of instant fame and success stories in the press, but the reality is far more ‘hit and miss’. So how can you make your first foray into fashion a fruitful one?

One of the first points to establish when committing to starting a new business is accepting you will become a walking one-man band of fabric, boxes and an endless chain of emails. You will become responsible for every minute detail of your company – the buck stops with you if something isn’t right! According to experts, less than 10% of your time as a newbie ‘CEO’ will be spent in the design process, making steps such as managing production, team delegation and finances all the more important to have right. (struggling? Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming ‘managing your business on a budget’ advice…)

Designing is a different beast to tame in the real world than in the university workroom, and good organisation is the name of the longevity game. The clearer your methods are from the get-go, the easier and more useful they’ll be for both you and your team.

Your pièce de résistance will be your defined business concept. Why will it be unique, and why will people choose your brand over others? The design, the price, the value? To properly conquer the big ‘USP’ question, you’ll need to step into the shoes of your consumers and understand their buying habits, emotional needs and their relationship with clothing. Your concept will need to highlight a clear reasoning of why your brand will be of value to a customer, and assess how it can blend into every aspect of their lives to improve it.

Once you’re up and running and ready to face the world, promotion will be one of the key points to tick off your checklist. At Anton Dell, we have recently launched our brand new “Flip-Book” promotional service for emerging brands and designers. This is our latest, less expensive way for rising fashion businesses to advertise on our website, the flip book itself a curated selection showcasing those poised to make their mark in the world of fashion. This initiative will continue our aim to help brands to be discovered by agents, with agents being able to contact designers directly through this service. To become one of the first fifteen Flip Book advertisers or for more information, please contact info@antondell.com. 

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